Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Group Project

So it's been a week, and I have been asked to post more. Well this next piece was done back in April of 06. It's pretty much the last thing I scaned (probably the first I ever scaned) anyways...
We had a fan project over at where we took a select group of characters from the current 2002 Masters of the Universe toy line, and mimiced the Genndy Tartakovsky (Samurai Jack/Star Wars: Clone Wars) art style .
So the figure I chose to do was Man-E-Faces (Human...Robot...Monster!). If you ask me now why I chose him, I would probably lie and say "Because he looked easy to draw".
My assignemnt was to use this pose:
And this figure:

And come up with this picture:And the final product: Ric Nicholls put this project together, you can check out his AMAZING work over in my links section.
Well, time to go pack for comic con in Chicago :)
Love, J


Andrew Cramer said...

Hey Man-E turned out great dude!

Mr Mix said...

Spot on style wise! nice work