Monday, July 30, 2007

First post and Venom!

So I finally decided to created an account here. After seeing some amazing stuff on here I figured what the hell.

So lets get on to it. Venom. I did this piece sometime back in the fall of 2002 for a friend. Todd McFarlane is a huge insperation to me, so to me the only "true" Venom was that from the McFarlane days.

Paper- I used 9x12 or larger sheet of Bristol board. Not sure if it was the smooth or what.

Ink- The black in the background was used using India Ink. As for the black on the figure, 100% home grown Sharpie along with some ball point pens that I can no longer find.

Colors- The blue highlights were done using... a blue highlighter (I use whatever looks good). As for the other colors, Crayola markers. Im a very cheap person, but if done right, who is going to question it?

Hope you all enjoyed this, I look forward to doing more and hearing from whoever reads these.

Love, J


Kevin said...

I still have that drawing of Venom. It rules.

HykCraft said...